Princess shoes

These were my 5th pair of shoes, and my first commission! They were for the daughter-in-law of my best friend’s mother. I finished these in October of 2009.

Most of the process was the same as it was with all the other shoes: White sneakers, acrylic craft paint, sharpie. BUT THEN, with the waterproofing spray, I encountered a major major major problem.

Before, I had finished all my shoes at home, not while away at college. I had always used Scotch Gard Outdoor Waterproofing Spray that my mom had in the laundry room, and it had always worked brilliantly. These shoes I had to finish in my dorm room, so I needed to procure more waterproofing spray. I went to the hardware store and saw a can of Scotch Gard Fabric/Canvas Waterproofing Spray, which seemed even more perfect than the outdoor kind. I read that back, and as usual, it said “test product first in an inconspicuous place”. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT. I decided that, since the other kind worked, this one most work too. Unfortunately, I was so wrong. I sprayed one of the shoes (just the back part at first, luckily) and suddenly, all of the Sharpie started running and bleeding and RUINING EVERYTHING. NUUUARGGH!

Having a portion of a shoe that I had put so many hours of work into was unbelievably devastating. I was able to salvage it, but it required a lot of repainting. However sad, this experience taught me my first lesson: FOR GOD’S SAKE, DO WHAT THE BOTTLE SAYS!!

It turned out fine. But from now on, if it says “test in an inconspicuous place” and I don’t know for sure that I don’t have to, I will test the business out of that inconspicuous place. That’s a threat. (P.S. Scotch Gard… now it’s personal. Sharpie, I blame you too.)

After Scotch Gard failed me, I tried a different kind called Kiwi Waterproofing Spray or something like that… I can’t remember for sure. But it worked! Yes!

Anyway, some more copyright violation…

Cinderella and Belle!

Ariel and Mulan...

Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty.

I’m fairly happy with these, at least with the two larger princesses on the front, some of the others are a bit wonky. I enjoyed making them as much as any other non-original-character’d thing I’ve made (I’m really not sure how to word that). These took about 24 hours to make.


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