Happy Aquarium shoes

During October of my sophomore year, I made a horrible mistake that cost me a great deal of GPA points and life satisfaction. I started playing Happy Aquarium. Because you know there’s nothing as entertaining as watching fake fish swim around on your Facebook page.

Anyway. The one benefit of this decision (for me…) was my ability to convince many of my friends to play as well. Soon, we were all addicted. So, when my friend Shaquita asked me to make her some shoes, it was very obvious what would be on them.


More fish!

MORE FISH (and a fruit roll-up box in the background. good thing you can only see one of them)

Oh, this pair was slightly more involved. Someone suggested to me that I try using gesso, which is a type of surface prep that you paint onto a raw surface (canvas, wood, many things) that seals it up and provides a tooth for paint to adhere to. It’s also white, so it provides a nice background to paint on if the surface is originally colored (these shoes were bright pink). Anyway, it turns out that gesso is so fabulous and I can’t even remember what my life was like before I started using it.

I finished these shoes in January 2010. They probably took about 10 hours.


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