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Uh… nope.

In other words, I’m back in school. For some reason, nothing sucks the life out of me like being in college. It’s not bad, I just can’t bring myself to do anything or make anything. Which is unpleasant.

Everything is good, though. I can cook now. Cooking has temporarily replaced painting as the thing I do when I’m too unhappy to do anything else. Due to newly-discovered food intolerances, I’m having a fun time cooking a bunch of gluten-free, dairy-free things (oddly enough, my roommate has those intolerances as well). It helps not to call the food you’re cooking by the same name as the food you’re trying to replicate. For example, never say you’re making macaroni and cheese. Say instead that you’ll be cooking up some rice pasta and nutritional yeast sauce. TASTY!! My favorite thing to make now is pancakes. Those still taste the way they did. Also, kale. Kale is awesome.

Anyway, I have almost nothing to blog about right now. But I haven’t forgotten about it. Actually, I guess there is one project I’ve finished and not written about, so I will do that. Maybe just posting this will make me feel like making something. I hope. But right now I’m going to read articles about prostitution, and then talk about them at length.


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