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Used car becomes fish-based chicken car

This was another big part of Winter Term. Our winter term project was “functional art”, and this was the most functional of all.

This took about 8 days of pretty intense work. We wrote up a very detailed blog about this project- if you’re interested in reading it, click this link right here!

Here’s how it turned out (parts of it, at least). It’s not what I’d consider a fine artistic achievement, but I love it so much anyway… we had a ton of fun painting it.

Chickens and fish… as usual.


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Slightly fish-related wallet

I’ve had a really nasty pink fake-leather wallet for quite a few years, and after I painted the fake leather shoes I realized that I could probably make my wallet less disgusting.

I might have actually made it more disgusting, but in a very different way. The process with basically the same as the shoe process. I sanded down the leathery bits until the shininess was gone (not that it was particularly shiny. After years of use it probably would have been fine without sanding), gesso’d all the bit I sanded, then painted over it with the thicker artist grade paints. Then I sealed it with two coats of glossy varnish.

The whole thing!

This panel has a nasty drooling mohawk-dinosaur, a rainbow and some weirdly ugly and spastic looking birds.

This panel has an octopus driving a tractor to clean up a lot of anarchy-fish. Please note that I wish I knew how to draw an octopus, but I don't.

This was sort of an experiment. Normally when I set out to paint a thing, I always what to paint something that looks exactly what it’s supposed to be. So for this project I wanted to force myself not to do that. Therefore, I was not allowed to Google “octopus” or “tractor” to find pictures so that I knew what they looked like. So I’m left with a slightly odd looking octopus and tractor. Which seems fine.

The paint has held up well so far for the last week, which is good! This didn’t take too long, probably 6 hours. And I finished last week. Yay!

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Miley Cyrus-themed fish shoes

Don’t act like that doesn’t make sense.

So, when I was making the bass shoes I realized that maybe I didn’t need Sharpies after all… maybe, just maybe I could do outlines in black paint with a very fine brush. That would eliminate the Sharpie-bleeding problem that I experienced with the princess shoes. What could go wrong?

That was misleading. Nothing actually went wrong. I made this pair of shoes for myself, so they could be whatever I wanted. I thought about things I wanted on my shoes. I decided on the two things I loved the most: Miley Cyrus and FISH.

First panel: Fish realizes that he's going to have to face some serious monsters if he's going to climb "another mountain".

Second Panel: Fish faces an "uphill battle" when he is zapped by Furby lasers.

Third Panel: Fish attempts to reach the "other side", but cannot...


Oh, I love unicorns too. Sorry unicorns.

I loooved making these. It was so much fun. I like the painted black outline better, it’s more substantive.

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Happy Aquarium shoes

During October of my sophomore year, I made a horrible mistake that cost me a great deal of GPA points and life satisfaction. I started playing Happy Aquarium. Because you know there’s nothing as entertaining as watching fake fish swim around on your Facebook page.

Anyway. The one benefit of this decision (for me…) was my ability to convince many of my friends to play as well. Soon, we were all addicted. So, when my friend Shaquita asked me to make her some shoes, it was very obvious what would be on them.


More fish!

MORE FISH (and a fruit roll-up box in the background. good thing you can only see one of them)

Oh, this pair was slightly more involved. Someone suggested to me that I try using gesso, which is a type of surface prep that you paint onto a raw surface (canvas, wood, many things) that seals it up and provides a tooth for paint to adhere to. It’s also white, so it provides a nice background to paint on if the surface is originally colored (these shoes were bright pink). Anyway, it turns out that gesso is so fabulous and I can’t even remember what my life was like before I started using it.

I finished these shoes in January 2010. They probably took about 10 hours.

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