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Going back in time again but slightly less time this time

That is such a catchy title. Okay, here is my second shoe attempt. I made these in January 2009.

Actually, come to think of it, it wasn’t my second shoe attempt. I painted a pair of shoes for my mom during the first semester of college. I tried to paint all of our pets on them, in fun colors. They were atrocious, and will never be seen by anyone ever again. Trust me, even my mom didn’t pretend to like them, and she has to pretend to like everything I do. So I’m choosing to pretend that didn’t happen.

My “2nd” pair of shoes was made in the same was as the first: white canvas sneakers, paint, sharpie, and waterproofing spray.

Underwater-themed shoes, with abnormally-colored hammerhead sharks.

One shoe has a nighttime scene goin' on, with stars and whatnot.

This shoe is very similar, but differently colored.

This one has a daytime scene instead.

These have also lasted a very long time, and mostly only show wear in obvious areas like the bend near the toe. They’ve faded a bit, but they still look nice (albeit a little dirty from constant wear).

I like these ones! Realism was definitely not the goal here. Hammerhead sharks are my favorite animal, shiny things are nice (iridescent paint is really wonderful)… so I’m perfectly content with these. They took…maybe…10 hours to complete? That’s probably close.

After finishing these, I realized that painting shoes without laces (in the style of Vans or knockoff Vans or whatever) is much more fun, since you don’t have to deal with a tongue, metal circle bits, and laces covering up stuff.


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