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Slightly fish-related wallet

I’ve had a really nasty pink fake-leather wallet for quite a few years, and after I painted the fake leather shoes I realized that I could probably make my wallet less disgusting.

I might have actually made it more disgusting, but in a very different way. The process with basically the same as the shoe process. I sanded down the leathery bits until the shininess was gone (not that it was particularly shiny. After years of use it probably would have been fine without sanding), gesso’d all the bit I sanded, then painted over it with the thicker artist grade paints. Then I sealed it with two coats of glossy varnish.

The whole thing!

This panel has a nasty drooling mohawk-dinosaur, a rainbow and some weirdly ugly and spastic looking birds.

This panel has an octopus driving a tractor to clean up a lot of anarchy-fish. Please note that I wish I knew how to draw an octopus, but I don't.

This was sort of an experiment. Normally when I set out to paint a thing, I always what to paint something that looks exactly what it’s supposed to be. So for this project I wanted to force myself not to do that. Therefore, I was not allowed to Google “octopus” or “tractor” to find pictures so that I knew what they looked like. So I’m left with a slightly odd looking octopus and tractor. Which seems fine.

The paint has held up well so far for the last week, which is good! This didn’t take too long, probably 6 hours. And I finished last week. Yay!


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Going back in time…

Three summers ago, when I still used DeviantArt, I saw a really awesome pair of shoes that someone painted (I think they were robot-themed). I immediately got incredibly jealous and wanted to do the same thing. So, I forced asked my friend to do it with me, and it was SO FABULOUS. Okay, the results weren’t the most fabulous, but I had so much fun.

I had no idea how it should be done, only that the goal was to put paint on shoes. So, the process was very simple! I got a pair of white canvas shoes, and painted them with acrylic craft paint (the $1-per-bottle kind, not the super classy stuff). Once that dried, I outlined the critters with a fine-tipped Sharpie. Then to finish it up, I sprayed them with waterproofing spray (Scotch Brand Outdoor spray…you wouldn’t think that the specific type matters, but it does. More later…) And then, they were done! And they have lasted a hell of a long time. They’re still decent now, even when worn in the snow.

Here are some photos. Definitely not the best pair, but because they were the first, they have a special place in my heart-brain-space.

From this angle, they mostly just look colorful.

Then there is an octopus (I did not know how to draw octopi, and I still do not) and a fruit fly.

And then a bunch of unicorns. I KNOW HOW TO DRAW UNICORNS.

So, that’s about it for those. I think I scrawled my name on them somewhere. The sides I showed here are my two favorites, and I recall now being too fond of the other sides. Despite that, I loved these shoes, and they have protected my feet well. Oh, for the sake of chronology (I think that’s a word), these were completed in August 2008 and took around 10 hours to make.

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