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Shrimp shoes

Hey! Brief updates: Last April I decided to peace out from school and take a year off on medical leave. It was worthwhile, to say the least. But I abandoned my sad blog (and most art forms) for a while, while I learned how to be healthy and then again while I worked full-time at a vegan restaurant in the town I attend school in. It has been quite an excellent time. Time to catch up on the few things I did actually complete during my time off!

The first: shrimp shoes. I decided that I needed a fresh pair of kicks for all of my imminent life transformations. I had also recently become obsessed with shrimp (particularly ghost shrimp, and even more particularly my pet ghost shrimp, Riki). As usual, I was listening to Lil’ B and allowing him to cheer me up with goofiness on particularly gloomy days. What to do??


Shrimp! Riki to the left, and Lil' BasedShrimp to the right.

Fun stuff. After being worn every day for seven months (and taking them on mud adventures), they look a little bit sadder now.



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Sunset shoes

These shoes were the victim of a sad, unsolicited attack. When I got back to my dad’s house after many weeks of absence, I found these nice old-looking fake Uggs in my room. Sometimes my dad’s girlfriend leaves hand-me-downish things in my room (a mannequin appeared in there one time), so I figured that they must have been left for me. I was excited, and immediately covered them in gesso. The next day, my dad returned from Mexico with my aunt, and I realized that she had been staying in my room and I accidentally destroyed her shoes. Whoops.

So I thought I could try to undestroy them.

Sunset shoes!

Slightly different view...only slightly.

She loves the beach, so I thought it’d be fitting. Maybe it’ll be nice, if it’s so cold that she had to wear the Uggs, to look at a palm tree and think…hold on, that sucks, that’s very tormenting. Oh well. These are for my Aunt June, and they took…5 or 6 hours. I finished them last week.

I’m interested to see what happens with the paint on suede… it’s already cracked a bit, just around the natural bends in the shoe. Hopefully it sticks!

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Unexplainable colorful shoes

Something new is finally going to happen here. And it’s… pleather! Okay that’s not actually exciting. Read on…

This year, my winter term project was painting things (more on that later). The first thing I painted was a car. So afterward, I felt a little bored with canvas shoes. I decided to try something a little different. To prep the car for painting, we had to sand it so the paint would adhere. I thought, why couldn’t the same thing work with pleather shoes? I found a nice pair of black hipster boots and decided to try.

First, David and I sanded the shoes. When doing this, it's important to get all the shiny bits off... shiny is what the paint won't stick to.

Then, I covered them both in gesso, to help the paint stick better.

Then, I painted colorful blobs on them, and painted busy patterns over them.

Then I sealed them with varnish (a cheap kind of satin craft varnish), and was done!

All done.

These took an incredibly long time! At least 20 hours. I finished them last week. I’ve been wearing them a lot, and have noticed some sad problems. The first problem: they squeak. A TON. It’s pretty awful, but I think it’ll get better with time. The second problem: They have cracked in the areas where the shoe bends a lot. It makes sense, but it didn’t happen with the canvas shoes which is perplexing. I have theories as to why this might happen. I used artist-grade (or whatever it’s called… classy fancy paint) acrylics, which are thicker and form kind of a skin. I didn’t dilute the paint at all, so it was a thicker layer. That’s basically my only theory.

I’m going to keep wearing them to see if the cracking worsens or if there’s a way I can fix it. Maybe if I dilute the paint with a flexible thinner or something, that could help… or maybe not.

I repainted them afterward with a more decent glossy varnish, so now they squeak all over again. But I thought that might solve the cracking problem (it didn’t). But it’ll be interesting to see how the varnish protects the paint, how long it lasts, etc.

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Puff the Magic Dragon shoes

I made these for my friend Liz who loves the movie Puff the Magic Dragon. I couldn’t find pictures online, so I just watched the movie over and over until I could draw things from it. It is the BEST movie, so it was definitely worth it.

The shoes are hard to describe, but they're chronologically organized.

Something sad is happening on one, and something happy on the other.

In one, they have some pie. In the other, Puff is very discouraged.

This was the last pair of copyright-infringing shoes I’ve made, so I’m glad that they worked out! I finished these in January 2010 and they took… around 20 hours, I think.

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Friendship-specific shoes

I made these for my friend Caitlin in…uh…March 2010, maybe. She gave me some suggestions, but basically told me to paint whatever I wanted. That’s a dangerous thing to say.

One of them is a shark eating a plane, and the other is a unicorn and a narwhal in love.

These sides have chickens and a trout.

These sides have "catlion" and Skittles the lobster.

These were so much fun! I wish I spent more time on them, though. I’m happy with the front parts but the side panels are pretty shoddy looking. I should have put more thought and effort into the design.

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Winnie the Pooh shoes

I made these for my mom in January 2010. And… that’s all I have to say about them… PICTURES.

Tigger and Pooh

Rabbit and Roo

Piglet and Eeyore

I like these, but I don’t have too much to say about them… I don’t really like painting other people’s characters very much. But these look okay, and I like the painted black outline.

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Body system shoes

This is a pair of shoes that I had for…uh…probably over a year before I actually finished them. I started them, and then stopped, and then went back to college and left the shoes at home, and then when I got back I realized I finally had to do them. They were for a friend who was really into physiology.

Neurons and skeletal system

Digestive system and nervous system

Respiratory system and cardiovascular system

Once I really got started, these were fun! I’m not technically very proud of them, since I needed to finish them pretty quickly. I wish I had spent more time on them… it’s definitely a theme I’d like to try again, I think it has potential.

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