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Shrimp shoes

Hey! Brief updates: Last April I decided to peace out from school and take a year off on medical leave. It was worthwhile, to say the least. But I abandoned my sad blog (and most art forms) for a while, while I learned how to be healthy and then again while I worked full-time at a vegan restaurant in the town I attend school in. It has been quite an excellent time. Time to catch up on the few things I did actually complete during my time off!

The first: shrimp shoes. I decided that I needed a fresh pair of kicks for all of my imminent life transformations. I had also recently become obsessed with shrimp (particularly ghost shrimp, and even more particularly my pet ghost shrimp, Riki). As usual, I was listening to Lil’ B and allowing him to cheer me up with goofiness on particularly gloomy days. What to do??


Shrimp! Riki to the left, and Lil' BasedShrimp to the right.

Fun stuff. After being worn every day for seven months (and taking them on mud adventures), they look a little bit sadder now.



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