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Sunset shoes

These shoes were the victim of a sad, unsolicited attack. When I got back to my dad’s house after many weeks of absence, I found these nice old-looking fake Uggs in my room. Sometimes my dad’s girlfriend leaves hand-me-downish things in my room (a mannequin appeared in there one time), so I figured that they must have been left for me. I was excited, and immediately covered them in gesso. The next day, my dad returned from Mexico with my aunt, and I realized that she had been staying in my room and I accidentally destroyed her shoes. Whoops.

So I thought I could try to undestroy them.

Sunset shoes!

Slightly different view...only slightly.

She loves the beach, so I thought it’d be fitting. Maybe it’ll be nice, if it’s so cold that she had to wear the Uggs, to look at a palm tree and think…hold on, that sucks, that’s very tormenting. Oh well. These are for my Aunt June, and they took…5 or 6 hours. I finished them last week.

I’m interested to see what happens with the paint on suede… it’s already cracked a bit, just around the natural bends in the shoe. Hopefully it sticks!


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