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“Assorted” shoes

This is my 4th pair. I made this for my friend Alex, in August 2009. I just decided to put a random smattering of characters and things that I knew he would like on there. As a result, they’re not very cohesive… but that’s no biggie. I made these in the same way as all the others.

The main characters are a Mutant Ninja Turtle, Garfield, and...some red dude named... Ba Boom or something along those lines.

Some Pokemon here, more Garfield, one of Alex's characters...

I think this is mostly a bunch of Pokemon. Oh, and turtles.

These are the first shoes I made for a masculine-identifying individual, and it was a bit of a challenge to make these shoes suitable. I needed a judge who firmly upheld notions of a gender binary to evaluate the shoes before they were presented to the recipient. Thankfully my father was always nearby to tell me that they looked too “girly” (THANKS DAD, SHEESH). Then I decided I didn’t care. The end!

…That’s not the end. I like these, but they’re not my favorites. I wanted them to be busy, but I couldn’t think of ways to fill space, so I ended up putting in a bunch of colored dots. It looks okay, but I wish I hadn’t resorted to that. Also, some of the artwork is not very precise, and some of the painting is shoddier than I’d like. This is one of those times when I wished I had taken more time to perfect things. But they were pretty fun to make, and I like the big turtle. I think these took about 15 hours.



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