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Friendship-specific shoes

I made these for my friend Caitlin in…uh…March 2010, maybe. She gave me some suggestions, but basically told me to paint whatever I wanted. That’s a dangerous thing to say.

One of them is a shark eating a plane, and the other is a unicorn and a narwhal in love.

These sides have chickens and a trout.

These sides have "catlion" and Skittles the lobster.

These were so much fun! I wish I spent more time on them, though. I’m happy with the front parts but the side panels are pretty shoddy looking. I should have put more thought and effort into the design.


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Miley Cyrus-themed fish shoes

Don’t act like that doesn’t make sense.

So, when I was making the bass shoes I realized that maybe I didn’t need Sharpies after all… maybe, just maybe I could do outlines in black paint with a very fine brush. That would eliminate the Sharpie-bleeding problem that I experienced with the princess shoes. What could go wrong?

That was misleading. Nothing actually went wrong. I made this pair of shoes for myself, so they could be whatever I wanted. I thought about things I wanted on my shoes. I decided on the two things I loved the most: Miley Cyrus and FISH.

First panel: Fish realizes that he's going to have to face some serious monsters if he's going to climb "another mountain".

Second Panel: Fish faces an "uphill battle" when he is zapped by Furby lasers.

Third Panel: Fish attempts to reach the "other side", but cannot...


Oh, I love unicorns too. Sorry unicorns.

I loooved making these. It was so much fun. I like the painted black outline better, it’s more substantive.

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Going back in time…

Three summers ago, when I still used DeviantArt, I saw a really awesome pair of shoes that someone painted (I think they were robot-themed). I immediately got incredibly jealous and wanted to do the same thing. So, I forced asked my friend to do it with me, and it was SO FABULOUS. Okay, the results weren’t the most fabulous, but I had so much fun.

I had no idea how it should be done, only that the goal was to put paint on shoes. So, the process was very simple! I got a pair of white canvas shoes, and painted them with acrylic craft paint (the $1-per-bottle kind, not the super classy stuff). Once that dried, I outlined the critters with a fine-tipped Sharpie. Then to finish it up, I sprayed them with waterproofing spray (Scotch Brand Outdoor spray…you wouldn’t think that the specific type matters, but it does. More later…) And then, they were done! And they have lasted a hell of a long time. They’re still decent now, even when worn in the snow.

Here are some photos. Definitely not the best pair, but because they were the first, they have a special place in my heart-brain-space.

From this angle, they mostly just look colorful.

Then there is an octopus (I did not know how to draw octopi, and I still do not) and a fruit fly.

And then a bunch of unicorns. I KNOW HOW TO DRAW UNICORNS.

So, that’s about it for those. I think I scrawled my name on them somewhere. The sides I showed here are my two favorites, and I recall now being too fond of the other sides. Despite that, I loved these shoes, and they have protected my feet well. Oh, for the sake of chronology (I think that’s a word), these were completed in August 2008 and took around 10 hours to make.

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